Why do you need basement waterproofing?

Mar 29, 2022

Basement waterproofing is one home improvement project that must be prioritized because it will increase the value of your house, and here are the reasons why:

Additional living space

A basement is a whole other floor that can be utilized, and when it’s waterproofed, it can be used for more than just storage or laundry purposes. You can transform your basement into an entertainment room, guest room or play area and add furniture, a home theatre system or anything you like. You’ll never have to worry about moisture or dampness, and you will have a lot more space in your home which will significantly increase the value of your house.

Better foundation

If water can seep through the ground, this can deteriorate your home’s foundation, which is a severe problem. Leaking walls will cause cracks to develop over time, and mould and moss will be present in your home, both of which can affect the health and safety of your family. Waterproofing will lead to a more robust foundation which will help avoid such problems, and a home would be more valuable as a result of this aspect. 

Reduced energy consumption

Cracks and mould will allow outside heat or cold to seep through into your home, which would affect your indoor temperature, and your HVAC system would have to work harder to provide you with your desired temperature inside your house. A waterproofed basement would help reduce your energy consumption because your home would be better insulated, allowing you to live more comfortably. You would also be able to command a higher price in the future if you decide to sell your house.

Beautiful appearance

Many basements are damp, dark and smelly, but a waterproof basement can be neat and tidy, so your family will want to spend time in this space. Waterproofing a basement will eliminate the presence of cracks, peeled paint, watermarks and mould, and your basement will be a livable and beautiful space instead of just a dark and eerie basement. 

Topnotch condition

Waterproofing your basement will prevent the need for repairs and quick fixes because it will provide you with protection and is a long-term investment that will safeguard your entire property. Strengthening your home’s foundation will make it more livable, and this step will allow you to keep your house in perfect condition. 

Homeowners will experience several benefits when they waterproof their house, so this is one home renovation project you need to invest in. This step will ensure a stronger foundation, but it will also increase the value of your house by providing you with additional living space and keeping moulds and pests away. 

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