Balcony & Concrete Waterproofing


If the concrete on your balcony is cracked or uneven, the professionals from GTA Epoxy Injections & Waterproofing can help! We are experts in this field and will provide you with the right solution.

If you notice cracks in your concrete, it is important that you contact us right away because this can be very dangerous, so your balcony needs to be repaired immediately. We have the skills and experience necessary for this type of project and will provide you with the results you are after.

We will fix your concrete right away and will apply solutions that will prevent additional cracks in the future. The sooner you call us, the easier the problem will be to repair, so do not wait because you may run into dangerous risks, and the severity of the cracks will worsen. Our team will assess your situation and will provide you with professional advice regarding a repair or a replacement. Regardless of which option you require, we can help, so do not hesitate to contact us for all of your balcony and concrete waterproofing needs.

Whether you require patching, slope reversals or crack repairs, we can help and can also provide you with a decorative finish. No matter how damaged a balcony may be, our team will be able to fix it because we apply special repair methods and use all of the right materials that can solve the problem and repair it for the long run. Waterproofing a balcony is something that should only be done by a professional, and we can help in this regard because we have been in this industry for years.

Our expertise will ensure the job is completed safely and correctly, so you will have peace of mind because waterproofing concrete and balconies is just one of our many specialties. Whether you need concrete waterproofing services or epoxy concrete crack repairs, we can help, so if you want professional results and exceptional service, contact us today!

Balcony Waterproofing

The main role of balcony waterproofing is to protect it from deterioration caused by water infiltration. This damage is very serious, and the consequences can be deadly, so concrete waterproofing services are necessary. 

A balcony is an external part of a structure and constantly comes into contact with extreme temperature swings, rain and wind. Concrete balconies contain internal steel reinforcing bars to provide strength, and without waterproofing services, cracking can occur due to precipitation accumulation combined with freeze and thaw cycles. 


Why You Need Balcony Waterproofing

Severe cracking can cause the reinforcing steel to rust, resulting in the loss of structural integrity. This would be very dangerous as structural integrity issues will pose significant safety risks, so the importance of waterproofing cannot be denied.

Water intrusion can lead to catastrophic balcony failures, so it’s a must that concrete balconies are properly waterproofed to prevent this from happening. Waterproofing is an integral part of the construction and design process and is necessary for constructing a safe balcony. 

It is very important to keep moisture from intruding into the facility. Waterproofing will also protect the structural contents from water infiltration, so you won’t have to worry about structural damage to the concrete or corrosion to the embedded steel. Concrete is a porous material, so water will be able to pass through it. Water can enter cracks or through improperly installed joints, but waterproofing will eliminate such possibilities, and safety will be prioritized. 

Waterproofing & Injection Experts

We are leaders in this industry and are ready to assist you with all of your balcony waterproofing needs. We specialize in concrete waterproofing and crack repairs and have been helping clients in Toronto for many years. You can always rely on our team so if you need balcony waterproofing services, contact us today!