How to Fix Leaky Elevator Pit

Jun 29, 2021

Water leaks can be extremely damaging to any building, even more so when there is critical electrical equipment involved, like in elevators. If your building is suffering from a leaky elevator pit, it’s a good idea to deal with it immediately to prevent any further costs and damages. But before we get into how to fix a leaky elevator, it is important to know how water gets into an elevator pit and the pros of dealing with it early on.

How Does it Happen?

Because an elevator pit is located underground, it will inevitably collect any leaking water coming from above. The weather or faulty pipes can be the culprit of these leaks and over time, the rainwater and moisture from below the building can irreparably damage the concrete, causing it to crack and let more water in.

Ineffective application or damage to the existing waterproofing system can lead to flooding in the whole elevator shaft. This means you will need to deal with high repair costs and it can be a huge inconvenience for those in the building who need to use the elevator.

Reasons to Fix a Leaky Elevator Pit

Prevent your Property from being Shuttered

Most buildings need to have an operating elevator inside them. If the water leaks cause damage to the mechanical parts of the elevator, it will need to be shut down until it can be repaired. Not only will this be an inconvenience, but it can also cause your property to be shut down.

Avoid Excavations

Excavations are pretty expensive and very time-consuming. If your water damage becomes worse, the repair will need to happen from outside the building, this means you need to pay to have the area dug up around the elevator.

Stop Delays in Construction

Water in the elevator pit in a building under construction means the construction of the building needs to stop. This means parts of the building need to close for construction or sometimes the whole building.

How to Fix Leaky Elevator Pit

There are a few options to fix a leaky elevator pit, depending on how bad the leak is. You might choose to excavate and do a positive side waterproofing, install a sump pump, use a waterproofing seal or fill the gaps with caulk. These options can be expensive and time-intensive, and they might not last forever. This is why your greatest option would be to leave it to the elevator pit waterproofing experts.

We are the waterproofing companies in Toronto and our waterproofing experts will be able to do a full evaluation of the leak found in your elevator pit or other underground structure. Once we clean and degrease the area, we will place strategic holes in the surface to prepare for waterproofing injections. The hydraulic injections will use grout for the process, which is a single-component material that reacts with water. This technique involves both negative and positive side waterproofing, giving you full water leak protection and a seal that will last forever. Remember us for basement waterproofing Toronto, home waterproofing, and Epoxy Injections.

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