When to Call a Professional to Repair Cracked Concrete

Oct 10, 2021

It’s natural for concrete to crack over time, and while some cracks are minor, others will require immediate attention so that they don’t cause structural damage and dangerous consequences. Thermal expansion and contraction, loads being applied, and sub-grade settlements are just a few of the factors that can cause concrete to crack, and the first step is to assess the severity of the situation. It is very important that you determine the extent and cause of the crack, as this will allow you to apply the correct repair solution.

If you’re not sure about the severity of the crack or have difficulty classifying it, it’s always best to contact a professional because their skills and knowledge will allow them to identify the type of crack, and they will be able to provide you with answers. There are two groups of cracks, including structural and non-structural, so this is the first thing that will have to be confirmed. Structural cracking will affect the integrity of the building, and cracks in columns, load-bearing areas, and support beams are especially problematic as they can weaken the structure. Non- structural cracks are less concerning because they are not detrimental to building integrity, although they should still be addressed.

A professional will assess the width, length, and depth of the cracks, as well as their location as these factors, will make a difference. This information can indicate whether or not there are underlying stress issues that need to be addressed and if the size of the openings increases, this can be very problematic. Cracks of a certain size should be investigated, and a professional will inspect this aspect. It is recommended that you call a professional because they will be able to confirm whether or not your issue is serious by evaluating it properly. Building owners should not attempt to fix cracks on their own because there are too many unknown factors that only a professional can assess. Never leave anything to chance and don’t guess because the consequences can be very dangerous.

Professionals not only have the knowledge, but they also have experience as well, so they will be able to identify the problem and will solve it accordingly. They have an understanding of the different causes, so they will know which solution to apply. This will provide you with peace of mind, and you won’t have to worry about any headaches or negative consequences.

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