How to Hire the Right Waterproofing Company when you find Basement Leaks

Aug 12, 2022

A wet basement is not a fun surprise, and when you come across this situation, you will need to find a reputable waterproofing company to fix this problem. Waterproofing experts will come to your home to find the source of the water leak and will apply the right solution and waterproofing materials.

There are a variety of factors that can cause basement leaks, including heavy rainfalls. Water can leak or flow into a building through cracks and penetrations in the concrete wall during periods of heavy rainfall, and leaks can also occur due to changes in environmental conditions or foundation fissures. Damage during renovations or construction can also lead to basement leaks

Failure of waterproofing or an insufficient drainage system are the most common reasons for basement leaks, as these will allow hydrostatic pressure to build up outside the structure. Untrained eyes can miss the signs of a water leak, and a more complicated problem will arise when a leaky basement is ignored. Professionals, however, will be able to diagnose the issue and not only identify the source but also correct it. 

When looking at different waterproofing companies, you need to consider the following:


Credible companies will gladly provide information on their waterproofing process and will take the time to create a relationship with the homeowner. Reputable waterproofing companies genuinely care about their clients and will always provide you with the right solutions and results. They will provide you with exceptional waterproofing services to ensure you do not experience basement leaks ever again.


Credible waterproofing companies will stand behind their work and will offer a warranty guarantee on their waterproofing job. This is a very important aspect, so if a company cannot provide you with a warranty, consider this a red flag and hire someone else. When a company is confident with their work, they will offer a lifetime warranty.


Look at what people say about the waterproofing company you want to hire. Reviews will tell you what you can expect, and this type of feedback is very valuable because you will understand their services and skills. Multiple positive reviews are great, while multiple negative reviews clarify that you need to hire other waterproofing contractors. 

The company you hire must have the knowledge and experience to determine the source of your leak and how best to fix your problem. They need to be able to take care of your basement leaks, and their solutions must ensure this problem does not happen again. 

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