If your basement is leaking, you need to address this problem fast! Many homeowners will face this problem at some point, which is why it is important to understand the common causes of basement leaks and how to fix them. 


Common Causes of Basement Leaks


  • Cracks in foundation. 

Cracks can form over time due to continuous water pressure. The buildup of water along your basement foundation, directly pressing against your foundation walls, will eventually lead to cracks, and water will start to enter your basement. 

Contacting a basement waterproofing company is the best solution because they will assess your foundation, determine if the cracks are a result of pressure or structural problems, and provide you with a professional solution based on this information. Waterproofing your basement would be ideal in these situations because this would prevent the problem from reoccurring in the future. 


  • Missing or damaged gutters and downspouts. 

These components are necessary for every home because they channel water away from the home and its foundation whenever it rains. If gutters and downspouts are missing or are not working correctly, water will be directed toward the home’s foundation and find its way into the basement. 

Contacting a basement leak repair specialist will solve this problem. They can install the proper system for your home, allowing you to enjoy a dry basement. 


  • Poor drain tile and sump pump. 

A drain tile collects water around your basement foundation and directs it to a sump pump that pumps it away. If your home does not have a drain tile and sump pump or your system is ineffective, consider a professional basement waterproofing system. This will solve the problem of an ineffective drain tile and sump pump, and you will no longer have to deal with this headache. 


  • Basement condensation and interior water leaks. 

High humidity levels inside your basement can lead to leaks. If you notice your walls, pipes, ceiling, or furniture are “sweating,” you may need to install proper venting or use a dehumidifier to condition the air. 

A waterproofing contractor will find the source of your condensation or leak and provide you with a professional recommendation regarding the basement waterproofing system that will best address the root cause of your basement leak. 


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