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Basement cracks are now a regular occurrence in old and new buildings. Typically, water seepage may not be apparent however cracks are, which ultimately will create leaks. Common situations basement cracks due to grading, weeping tile breakdown or clogged. Thus, creating water leaks and expensive damages.

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Epoxy resin crack injection repair.
– Your best bet to seal structural cracks.

Epoxy Injections is considered the best sealing material to fix structural cracks in poured foundation.

The two-component epoxy resin seals structural cracks and provides reinforcement.

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Elevator Shaft Waterproofing

A sump pump is a pump used to remove water which has accumulated commonly found in the basements & in elevator shafts.

Sump pumps are used as an additional method of waterproofing and eliminating flooding. By doing so, protecting the area as well as any electrical components.

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Balcony & Concrete Waterproofing

Repairs are typically completed by removing deteriorated concrete, cleaning and inspecting the exposed surfaces due to water corrosion utilizing GTA Epoxy Injection coatings. Along with coatings formwork and placement of new pre-packaged or ready mix hydraulic concrete.

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“Water entering through basement window, contacted several firms most were providing astronomical estimates. GTA reviewed project provided an economical estimate produced the work along with a written purchase warranty”

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